We all know that SEO is vital for improving your brand awareness and getting to the top position on search rankings. Since Google has been particularly busy in making significant algorithm changes in the last few years, it is vital to stay ahead and know what to do next.

Today’s goal when it comes to search engine optimization is to improve the user’s experience by delivering fresh, relevant and quality content, and adding technical points that will help you rank better than before.

Experts agree that high-end content in combination with authentic links from authoritative and trustworthy sites are always the best choice when it comes to optimization. Things that were important back then are still important, but the perception has to be different if you want to succeed.

Pillars Of SEO

The idea is to improve the quality and quantity of inbound links, so you should implement various aspects and factors that will help you optimize better. Today’s SEO is focusing on three pillars such as links from inbound websites that will drive to your content, content and social media presence.

Search engines are getting to understand the combination of these three elements, and even though you should think about each aspect, the ranking algorithm will consider everything and the final results. So, it is vital to combine these elements if you want to amplify the effects.

Content Is Everything

In the last few years, content marketing entered the scene and became one of the most effective ways of promoting something. The main reason for that is because Google tends to penalize website without relevant and trustworthy content.

Therefore, you should focus yourself entirely on content publications, both off and your website. It can be visual-based, text-based, audio-based, or combination of these three.

The primary goal is to reach the high quality and high rankings, so the idea is to implement valuable content to users. These attributes will help you gain better search results than before.

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Earn Links

The worst thing that you can do is to purchase links which is something that Google doesn’t like and will give you a penalty for it. In the best case scenario, they will neglect what you purchased, which means that you will spend money for nothing.

The idea is to encourage organizations to earn links by endorsing other websites and portals, which is a way better solution than paying for them. The past has stated that only keyword rich contents, as well as press releases, were useful when it comes to boosting the optimization.

However, the indications that Google won’t provide you with positive results when they notice those links, which means that in PR texts, anchors are considered as paid links. It says that Google is trying to stop unnatural link building with the idea to promote only websites that are relevant.

When press release issuers decide to add a link that will lead to their website, that is not a natural perspective. Of course, promotion is not a problem, but the relationship has to be natural if you want to achieve the best results.

Social Media

The correlation between social media such as Google+ with the rankings on the Google is fantastic. Even though most people and companies decide to neglect this particular social media platform, the importance for search rankings is overgrowing.

By making the profile and sharing the content, you will be able to improve your search engine optimization. Google tends to use its social media with the idea to discover new content, so it will index everything that you’ve shared in a matter of days.

Apart from that, posts are much easier to index on Google+ than on Twitter and Facebook, which is logical because Google owns everything. Check this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Do-Social-Network-Marketing to learn more on Social Media marketing.

That is the main reason why you should implement and adopt this particular social media platform, as well as other networks too, but do not neglect Google+ because it will help you stay on the top results with ease.

You can also optimize Google Place page that will help you reach local people in your community, which is also an essential fact for increasing your brand awareness.