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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is basically a technique or strategy to increase the number of visitors on a website by getting a high ranking in the search engine’s search results. In order to get higher rankings, the website owners optimize the look and content of the website that may include providing good and attractive content, good keywords at correct places and attractive title to a content of the web pages. Along with the front end of website back end is equally focused that may include link building, social bookmarking, link sharing and other various activities, all of these steps are carried out to show that the website is not just a place of with citation rather it’s a place with a wide range of quality information.

SEO Techniques

There are broadly two categories of techniques used for SEO by developers.

  1. White Hat SEO – These are the design practices that are in accordance with the rules specified by search engines, as the word white here itself suggest the legal one.
  2. Black Hat SEO – As the word Black here itself suggest Illegal one means the techniques that aren’t recommended and suggested by the search engines. These tactics are used to improve the rank of websites by going against the rules of search engines but now a day’s search engines are smart enough to rectify these bad habits.

Why SEO company in Chicago?   

Owners of websites gave too much importance to SEO even they didn’t hesitate to follow Black Hat SEO Techniques because SEO has certain hidden benefits involved with it both for the owners and the users, there are few,

For Owners-

  • Top Ranking on search engine results pages receives a majority of clicks and visits as users rely on a top search of search engines for their services.
  • Greater visits by users on the website mean better returns of investments and thus SEO proves to be a cost-effective technique by targeting active users who are looking for products and online services.
  • Due to SEO websites got user-friendly as well as it got easier for search engines to navigate through the web pages.
  • SEO has long term impact on the digital market as the website can remain in the top list among search engine results even if the purpose is fulfilled.
  • As far as Brand Creditability is concerned SEO boost it too and this is the reason why it is considered as a most effective strategy for digital marketing.

For Users-

  • SEO results in technical enhancement of sites, it ensures that the content of the site is original and not copied from other places.
  • The site is safe and secure to use and not linked with any malicious source.
  • More importantly, web pages got responsive and focusing more on content.


SEO is a raising field and is making its place in the fields of digital marketing very rapidly. More people are starting to believe that benefits of using services of SEO company in Chicago are extremely high and it’s equally important to understand the do’s and don’ts of SEO as they help to understand what need to be done and what need not be done as a designer, developer or owner of the website.